Helping leaders go further, faster.

With over 25 years of experience in executive coaching and leadership development, SGN Consulting and its affiliated network provides executive leaders and their teams practical solutions that get results. We have industry experience with Fortune 500 companies including: healthcare, energy, finance, manufacturing, biomedical, insurance and professional services. Our individualized programs maximize your peak performance. Wisdom to action.™
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Learn what Emotional Intelligence (EQ) competencies make you a great leader.

  • Profitability

    Working with executives to increase personal effectiveness.

    Operational Efficiency

    Improve collaboration of teams and the collective performance of a group.

    Powerful Tools for the "C" Suite

    Using EQ Tools for you and your team, strengths are leveraged and blindsides reduced.

    Transparent Communication

    Empower and align the entire organization.

  • Benefits of Executive Coaching
    • • Trusted advisor—it's lonely at the top
    • • Certified in EQ for coaching and teams
    • • Measurable movement to success
    • • Higher levels of performance
    • • Efficient problem solving
    • • Greater positive influence
    • • Purposeful actions
    • • Clarity of vision
    • • Defining success in times of transition
    • • Develop and sustain relationships
    • • Build trust and rapport
    • • Resolve conflicts
    • • Actionable journey management
    Benefits of Consulting
    • • Expert in all Personalysis™ applications
    • • Certified Gallup® StrengthsFinder
    • • Identify behaviors for success
    • • Team building
    • • Measure trust requirements
    • • Fast track on boarding time
    • • Build culture of trust
    • • Gain real commitment—not lip service
    • • Utilize diversity
    • • Target effective communication approaches
  • About Stacy G. Nathan

    Stacy Nathan My name is Stacy G. Nathan and I have the experience and presence companies look for in an ICF certified executive coach and consultant. Working with Fortune 500 companies providing executive coaching, team development and how to better deal with change; has shown me that organizations are looking for a comprehensive solution for their people problems. I have worked with Fortune 500 companies providing executive coaching, leadership development, team building, conflict resolution and change management. After gaining valuable experience with a boutique consulting firm, I recognized that the changing business environment demands a more comprehensive approach in meeting client needs.

    My passion is maximizing your greatest competitive advantage—your people!

    Working with diverse companies has shown me that every organization with people, has people problems. Success is achieved when people solutions directly impact business productivity. Better decisions are made when people can be seen objectively. Too often, significant business decisions are made based on emotions that result in negative organizational outcomes. SGN Consulting helps leaders go further, faster! Wisdom to action.™
    Stacy Nathan Six Seconds EQ certification

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Hear what satisfied clients have to say about SGN Consulting.

Her work is second to none, 90% of participants rated her coaching as a valuable experience.

Sanjay Gupta,
Schweitzer-Mauduit International, Inc.

Stacy was hired to coach over 50 global Master Black Belts.

Stacy's expertise in human behavior, enabled me to enhance my skills at a crucial point in my career. Coaching around leadership development has helped me be tremendously successful.

Christie Loftus,
Oppenheimer Funds

I recommend Stacy to any leader looking to find proven solutions with all human capital management strategies and needs. I benefited from her ability to get to the heart of the issue.

Peter Park,
GE, Oil and Gas